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No Frills Application Process

No Frills offers applicants the convenience to fill in the online job application form. You can apply for positions that are open currently online. At the entry levels, it is obvious that the applicants have a chance to apply for some of the best available job positions. In general, you can easily find part-time job positions at the No Frills stores.

Being a supermarket chain and retails, they also offer multiple positions at the managerial levels or professional levels. You can join in as manager or supervisor at the stores. If you are flexible with work schedules and motivated then you have the best opportunity to work here. No frills are more interested in hiring candidates who are open-minded and self-motivated.

No Frills was founded in 1978 in Toronto, Canada. It has more than 240 branches. It is a chain of discount supermarkets owned by Loblaw Companies Limited.

No Frills Job Position and Salary Information

No Frills is one of the most famous grocery stores in Canada. You can always get started with your best career as a part-time or full-time recruit. You have the benefit of working in flexible job schedules, paid training, incentives, and the best salary package as compared to others.

At entry-level, you can apply for the job position at the age of 14. In case you are having special working permits then you can also apply for the job at the age of 12. Some of the most common job positions include:-


You can join the team full-time or part-time at entry-level. You will be responsible for offering service to the customers. Your main role will be to assist customers with cash payments, coupon codes, process pays, greet customers, scan purchases and complete payment transactions. During your job timings, you may have to work at the cash counters in standing positions for hours. You will be interacting with customers very often. In general, your basic pays will start from the current $13.92 (before $10 to 11) for every hour at No frills. Take a look at the No Frills Cashier job description.

Cash Handling: 1 year (Preferred)

(Currently looking for potential employees who are able to work evenings and weekends currently, and looking for 16-32 hours a week.)


This is a type of clerical job where you may have to perform multiple tasks. You will also slice meat and cheese as Deli workers and clean or process nuts at the counters. You will also be responsible for arranging products at various counters. In most cases, you will have to perform manual tasks. It is important that you need to be fit physically. In general, the salary for clerk posts will start at the minimum wage level. Take a look at the No Frills Clerk job description.

Grocery Clerk

A Grocery Clerk, also known as a Supermarket Clerk, is responsible for maintaining a grocery store to ensure it runs efficiently. They demonstrate excellent commercial awareness, courtesy, and organizational skills. Duties may include cleaning the store, restocking shelves, and ordering stock. Entry-level positions start at $23,400 per year while most experienced workers make up to $40,000 per year.

Pharmacy Clerk

The Pharmacy Clerk plays the role of receptionist, answering phones and greeting new customers in person. They are responsible for the customer service of a pharmacy, which includes receiving customer requests and resolving any customer problems and concerns, referring to supervisory staff when necessary. The main difference between a pharmacy clerk and a technician is the clerk focuses mostly on the register duties where the pharmacy technician will perform both the pharmacy duties and register. Pharmacy Clerk earns an average of $14.10 an hour.

Night crew

In most cases, the shipments are received at No Frills during late nights. The grocery store will regularly hire new recruits to work night shifts as crew members. You will be responsible for unloading and loading goods, opening boxes, removing raw materials from the packets. You should have the ability to lift heavyweights. You may have to work for extended hours. Your minimum salary will start from $10 to 13 an hour.

Assistant Manager

No Frills Gas Bar has the opportunity for an Assistant Manager Position. Pay per hour will be between $27-$30 depending on experience. This is a full-time permanent job. Candidate should have completed diploma or degree or at least 2 years of similar experience

Main duties will be :

  • Organize and manage the operation of the store.
  • Set staff work schedules and monitor staff performance.
  • Negotiate arrangements with suppliers for gas and other supplies.
  • Manage store budget, assign duties to staff.
  • Handle guest concerns and react quickly and professionally.


This is the managerial position and you will be selected as supervisor or manager. Most entry-level workers easily get to managerial positions after gaining relevant experience at the stores. You can directly apply for the relevant post online. Your main role will be to delegate work schedules, drive sales, calculate payrolls, set schedules for the team, and train new recruits. Duties may vary depending on your position. Supervisors are paid over $ 12 for every hour while departmental managers are paid 30 to 35 thousand dollars yearly. As a manager, you will be paid 50 thousand dollars yearly.

Benefits of Working at No Frills:

Because No Frills treats its employees as a family, it offers different benefits in addition to salaries. The most important of these are health services that you can benefit from annually. These services cover both general health and dental health. In addition to this, there are discounts that you can benefit from both yourself and the people you determine. The leaves you will receive from time to time and the training you will benefit from are also considered as an advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions About No Frills Jobs:

Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about No Frills job postings and the career process. If there are different questions and answers you want to be published here, you can write to us in the comments section.

What age do you have to be to work at No Frills?

No Frills asks applicants to meet the minimum hiring age of 12 in order to work store clerk positions. Some locations may require prospective store clerks to stand at least 14 at the time of hire due to the often physical demands of the job.

How do I apply at No Frills?

Downloading the application form on No Frills own career site and filling it out with the necessary information is one of the basic steps. After this step, you can complete the application process by visiting one of the company’s branches to submit your application or submitting your application online.

How to Fill Out a No Frills job application form?

After downloading and printing the form or online, you are expected to answer the questions you encounter in the form in detail with all the details.

Do No Frills employees get a discount?

Yes, %10 for themselves and their families.

How to Apply for No Frills Jobs;

No Frills Job Application Form/PDF: Not Available.

No Frills accepts applications through its website. Your application is completed after downloading it with the form you will encounter there or filling it in online. Online applications are generally accepted. In addition, you can apply by submitting the form that you downloaded and filled out from the stores.


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