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Online Job Application Process

You can get the chance to work at PharmaChoice by applying online. Below, you can find the detailed information about the hiring process of PharmaChoice which offers entry-level and managerial positions.

PharmaChoice is a member-owned cooperative of Canadian pharmacies headquartered in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. PharmaChoice was founded in 1999. It represents more than 740 independent pharmacies across Canada, generating more than $2B in retail sales.

Apply Online PharmaChoice Jobs

You can be a member of PharmaChoice family by completing the hiring process which is explained below. In order to finish the application process, you can use the link provided below to access to the online application PharmaChoice where you can find out more about the position for which you want to apply.

Head Office

With head offices in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, our teams work together to support more than 750 independent pharmacies across the country. Guided by our Eastern and Western Board of Directors, our head offices develop strategies and programs that leverage buying power and supply various marketing, pharmacy and retail programs.


As a trusted healthcare provider, you will appreciate the professional image that PharmaChoice provides for its member pharmacies. Our patient counselling tools will allow you to provide the highest standard of care to your patients.

PharmaChoice Application Form/PDF

You can check whether there is printable application form available for PharmaChoice and you can download it if there is one. You can either submit the application form in person or you can send it via email.

How to Apply for PharmaChoice Jobs;

Email your resume to PharmaChoice East or PharmaChoice West. Please mention which PharmaChoice location you’re interested in joining and what type of employment you’re looking for.

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