Winners Interview Questions Guide

If you’re preparing for a job interview at Winners, you’re in the right place. Interviews can be stressful and competition fierce, but with some preparation, you can ace the Winners job interview. This guide will help you understand how to answer Winners interview questions.

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Interview Questions and Answers

Winners Interview Questions & Sample Answers

What can you tell me about yourself?

It’s fine to discuss your hobbies and interests, but keep it to a minimum. Concentrate on relevant work experience. Remember that having relevant work experience will help you stand out from the crowd.

Sample Answer:

I have been working in retail for over three years, focusing on customer service and sales. My experience at XYZ Store taught me the importance of understanding customer needs and providing personalized solutions. I’m passionate about fashion and believe that my background aligns perfectly with Winners’ commitment to quality and style.

Can you tell us anything about Winners?

Knowing about the company shows that you’re interested and have done your homework.

Sample Short Answer:

Winners, headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, sells clothing, furniture, and household products, and is owned by TJX Companies.

Sample Long Answer:

Winners is a renowned retail chain that opened its first store in 1982. With headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Winners offers a wide range of products including clothing, furniture, and household items. What sets Winners apart is its dedication to providing brand-name products at affordable prices, and it’s now part of the TJX Companies.

Why do you want to work at Winners?

Your answer should reflect an alignment with the company’s values and products. Avoid mentioning money or benefits.

Sample Answer:

I’ve always admired Winners for its commitment to offering high-quality fashion at accessible prices. I love the idea of helping customers find stylish products that don’t break the bank. Working at Winners would allow me to combine my passion for fashion with my desire to provide excellent customer service.

Why should I hire you?

Match your skills with the job description and reassure the interviewer that you have the right skills.

Sample Answer:

I believe my skills and experience make me an ideal candidate for this position. Having worked in similar roles, I understand the importance of customer satisfaction and teamwork. I’ve consistently met sales targets and have received positive feedback from both customers and colleagues.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Relate your future career path to Winners or retail in general.

Sample Answer:

In five years, I see myself growing within the retail industry, possibly in a managerial role. I’m committed to continuous learning and believe that Winners offers great opportunities for professional development. I hope to contribute to the company’s success while building my career.

What hours can you work?

Flexibility is key here, especially on weekends and holidays.

Sample Answer:

I’m highly flexible with my working hours and can accommodate various shifts, including weekends and holidays. I understand that retail requires adaptability, especially during peak seasons. My goal is to support the team and ensure smooth operations.

Are you good at math?

This question may relate to a cashier role. Even if math isn’t your strong suit, emphasize your basic arithmetic skills.

Sample Answer:

While math may not be my strongest subject, I have solid skills in basic arithmetic, which is essential for handling cash transactions. In my previous role as a cashier, I was responsible for accurate money handling and never faced any issues. I’m confident in my ability to perform this aspect of the job accurately.

What kind of trends do you see at Winners?

Research current fashion trends on their website.

Sample Answer:

Winners is known for staying ahead of fashion trends, offering the latest styles in clothing and home décor. This season, I’ve noticed a focus on sustainable products and minimalist designs. By keeping up with these trends, Winners continues to appeal to a wide range of customers.

What is your greatest strength?

Align your strengths with the job description.

Sample Answer:

My greatest strength is my ability to communicate effectively with customers and team members. I take the time to listen and understand needs, which helps me provide tailored solutions. This strength has been key to my success in sales and customer satisfaction.

What is your greatest weakness?

Choose a weakness that isn’t critical for the job and explain how you’re working to improve it.

Sample Answer:

My greatest weakness is that I tend to be overly critical of myself. While this drives me to constantly improve, it can sometimes lead to unnecessary stress. I’ve been working on finding a balance by setting realistic goals and celebrating achievements along the way.

Who are Winners’ competitors?

Know the key competitors like Hudson’s Bay, Mark’s, Joe Fresh, and Walmart.

Sample Answer:

Winners faces competition from several major retailers such as Hudson’s Bay, Mark’s, Joe Fresh, and Walmart. Despite this competition, Winners distinguishes itself through its unique product offerings and commitment to value. Its focus on brand-name products at affordable prices sets it apart in the market.

Questions to ask on a Winners Interview?

Prepare thoughtful questions to ask the interviewer.

Sample Answer:

I would like to know more about the team dynamics and how collaboration is encouraged within the company. Can you describe the opportunities for professional growth and development at Winners? What are the key performance indicators that will be used to evaluate my success in this role?

Additional Tips

  • What to Wear: Dress business casual for entry-level positions and more formally for management roles. Colors can convey messages; for example, blue shows credibility, black shows leadership, and red shows assertiveness.
  • Dealing with Customers: Emphasize your communication skills, understanding of the return policy, and commitment to excellent customer service.
  • Motivation: Share what drives you, whether it’s meeting goals, learning new things, or working as part of a team.


This guide provides a comprehensive overview of potential interview questions at Winners, along with explanations and additional questions to consider. By understanding these questions and thinking about your answers in advance, you’ll be well-prepared for your interview at Winners.

If you have a specific question, please comment below. We will answer it as soon as possible and include it in the content for others to benefit from.

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