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Online Job Application Process

You can get the chance to work at Toronto Public Library by applying online. Below, you can find the detailed information about the hiring process of Toronto Public Library which offers entry-level and managerial positions.

Toronto Public Library is the busiest urban public library system in the world. Every year, we have millions of users visiting our branches and taking advantage of our online services.

We empower Torontonians to thrive in the digital age and global knowledge economy. With expanded access to technology, lifelong learning and diverse cultural and leisure experiences, Torontonians have increased opportunities for growth and success, as well as stronger connections to each other and their communities.

Apply Online Toronto Public Library Jobs

You can be a member of Toronto Public Library family by completing the hiring process which is explained below. In order to finish the application process, you can use the link provided below to access to the online application Toronto Public Library where you can find out more about the position for which you want to apply.

TPL Teens – Library Page Jobs

The most common job for teenagers at the library is the job of a Page. A Page’s job is to sort and shelve books and other library materials and to shelf read. Read on to find out more and how you can apply.


  • Sort books and other library materials
  • Shelve books and other library materials
  • Shelf read
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Ancillary duties including photocopying of materials, straightening and tidying library shelves, tables and lounges and processing and repairing library materials including typing, taping, labeling, recovering books, cleaning and inspecting audiovisual materials and equipment
  • Other related duties as assigned.


  • Minimum 14 years of age
  • Understanding and appreciation of the philosophy of public service to all, in accordance with human rights legislation and the principles of equity and access in the delivery of library service
  • Ability to read English
  • Ability to discriminate between numbers
  • Ability to work with fine detail
  • Ability to follow instructions and to carry out duties in an independent manner
  • Friendly and courteous manner.


$11.97 – $15.77 per hour (2016 Rates)

Toronto Public Library Application Form/PDF

You can check whether there is printable application form available for Toronto Public Library and you can download it if there is one. You can either submit the application form in person or you can send it via email.

How to Apply for Toronto Public Library Jobs;

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