Real Canadian Superstore Job Application

Real Canadian Superstore is a supermarket chain owned by Canada’s largest food retailer, Loblaw Companies. Its name is frequently abbreviated to Superstore or, less frequently, RCSS.

Originating in Western Canada in the late 1970s and early 1980s, the banner expanded into Ontario in the early 2000s as Loblaw attempted to compete with department stores such as Walmart.

Loblaw has experimented with alternative banners at some Ontario locations, with some labelled as “Loblaw Superstore” and others as “Superstore”; for a time, this was reflected in the chain’s marketing, which used a different logo to promote each banner. Since then, the company has reverted to marketing the entire chain as Real Canadian Superstore, although some stores may retain previous signage.

Real Canadian Superstore Job Application

Real Canadian Superstore Positions and Salary Information

At the entry-level Real Canadian superstore hires employees by 16 years of age. The jobs are generally offered at the positions for entry-level recruits. In some cases, 12 year old are also hired by submitting special recommendations. When working at Real Canadian stores, you get paid training facility, competitive pays scales, flexible work time and other opportunities. To get the job you need to display your best level of skills. Some of the positions open at Real Canadian jobs are:


This is one of the most common jobs available at entry-level in various locations. You will be placed at the store front-end counters. You may have to offer with customer service. Your roles will be to greet customers, explain store policies, look into sales, promote products, and answer queries. You should also be comfortable making use of electronic cashier machines. It is also important to have a pleasing personality. Salary may start from $12 to $16 for every hour.

There must be people who can operate cash registers, process cash, check and credit/debit card payments, scan barcodes of products, receive payments for products and services, welcome customers, and confirm that customers are legal age when selling tickets, alcohol or tobacco.

Grocery Clerk

The Grocery Clerks will serve as the store’s first point of contact by providing shoppers with information about available products. The duties of a Grocery Clerk include maintaining a clean workplace, arranging food displays, and stocking shelves with products for sale to customers.

Clerk Position Description Example;

  • Clients are greeted and offered refreshments.
  • Documents must be transcribed, recorded, faxed, and filed.
  • Maintain filing, database, and inventory systems
  • Utilize office equipment, including photocopiers and fax machines.
  • Communicate with customers and employees and address any inquiries or complaints.

Personal Shopper

A personal shopper is a staff at the store who helps others to shop by giving advice and advice. There is no formal training required to become a personal shopper, but most outlets recommend the relevant retail experience. Personal shoppers are also known as fashion stylists, store assistants or sales assistants. They usually charge an average annual fee of $26,500 yearly and $13-20 Hourly.

Seafood Clerk

The majority of a Seafood Clerk’s duties are performed in the Seafood department. Work entails walking and standing, lifting and transporting merchandise, and eye-hand coordination. In addition to using knives and frequently interacting with customers and coworkers, the job requires frequent knife use.

As a coworker in one of our stores, you will have an immediate impact on sales and customer satisfaction by:

  • Providing outstanding customer service
  • ensuring accurate product scanning
  • implementing company-directed promotions and programs
  • preserving product displays

Apparel Clerk

Assist customers, process sales, recommend upsells, and stock and recover departmental merchandise. Stock fashion, advertising, and basic goods on the sales floor and/or display fixtures, and provide product information.

Sales Associates

This is a type of clerical job position and you will be assisting customers in boosting sales. You will also be responsible for standing for hours at the counters. You have to speak and attend to the customers. It is important to be good at speaking and addressing customers. In general, the sales associates are offered $12 to 14 hourly or minimum wage.

Loss prevention officer

This is the position of a guard who prevents thefts at the store. Your role will be to protect the stores from being shoplifted. You will be responsible for offering security at the stores during work times. Apart from this you also have to document all illegal activities at the stores. Your job may require you to work for extended hours uninterrupted and in shifts. You also have to do some administrative duties at the stores. The salary may be between $12 to 16 an hour depending on experience.

Assistant Store Manager

The role of the Store Manager Assistant is to take responsibility for teamwork in the absence of managers. It is also among his duties to supervise the personnel in the store, to ensure the order and integrity of the store. Assistant Store Manager salaries can range from $35,500 – $80,500.


This is the managerial post at the store. You have to display your best leadership talent. It is also important for you to be motivating for your team. In general, you have to motivate others to work as a team. You can job the position as supervisor, stores manager or assistant manager. You will also be responsible for providing training to new recruits at entry levels, preparing pay schedules, preparing work schedules, implementing new tasks, looking after associates, etc. payroll processing and training new recruits are the two most important parts of your tasks. Supervisors will earn $15 to 18 for every hour while Department managers will be paid $30 to 40 thousand annually. Stores managers are paid around $90000 annually.

Benefits of Working at Real Canadian Superstore:

In addition to salaries, Real Canadian Superstore jobs offer its employees continuous training and self-improvement. Qualified employees also gain health insurance privileges.

Generally, all business benefits are readily available to eligible Real Canadian Superstore employees and applied equally to all. The nationwide supermarket chain offers qualified workers comprehensive medical and dental health coverage, as well as life insurance options, disability insurance plans and accident death and fragmentation insurance. Current 401 (k) retirement plans and profit-sharing plans help qualified employees plan for the future. Real Canadian Superstore also supports life outside of work with paid leave and employee assistance programs.

How old do you have to be to work at the Real Canadian Superstore?

There must be people who can operate cash registers, process cash, check and credit/debit card payments, scan barcodes of products, receive payments for products and services, welcome customers, and confirm that customers are legal age when selling tickets, alcohol or tobacco.

How much do Loblaws employees make?

Average Loblaw hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.49 per hour for a Receptionist to $21.97 per hour for a Truck Driver. The average Loblaw salary ranges from approximately $21,000 per year for Deli Associate to $87,440 per year for Category Manager.

Do Loblaws employees get a discount?

Shop & Save. Colleague Discount Program entitles colleagues at corporate stores, distribution centres and offices to a 10% discount on eligible products sold at Loblaw corporate stores.

How much does superstore pay per hour?

Average Superstore hourly pay ranges from approximately $10.71 per hour for Food Clerk to $18.85 per hour. The average Superstore salary ranges from approximately $25,000 per year for Customer Service Associate / Cashier to $30,000 per year for Sales Associate.

Real Canadian Superstore Application Form/PDF

You can check whether there is a printable application form available for Real Canadian Superstore and you can download it if there is one. You can either submit the application form in person or you can send it via email.

How to Apply for Real Canadian Superstore Jobs;

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