Part-Time Jobs in Canada for Immigrant Student

International students in Canada have the option to work part-time, which helps them both to pursue their education and live in the city and to cover their living expenses to some extent. Also, this is an advantage that will be useful for them in their future career.

What are Part-Time Jobs for Immigrant Student

A Canadian citizen can work up to 20 hours per week on a work permit. However, students enrolled in difficult or intensive courses, students studying at university and struggling with exams may choose less working hours, up to 12 hours per week, so as not to affect this educational process.

Students are paid hourly to work part-time. The average salary is around $10-15 an hour. In order to work part-time off-campus, a student must obtain an off-campus work permit after completing six months of education.

Part-time study abroad is an option for many international students, both because it helps them to meet their educational expenses and to meet their living standards. You cannot devote yourself to full-time work as you read and devote most of your time to exams, assignments, and classes.

That’s why it’s great to choose part-time jobs that offer better pay and flexible working time. Some part-time jobs give you great flexibility in setting your own schedule to complete the job. Moreover, part-time jobs help you gain substantial work experience even while studying.

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Best 10 Part-Time Jobs for International Students in Canada

Teacher’s assistant: The easiest way to work and earn money as a student is to take part in or assist one of your teachers. In this way, you will eliminate the risk of being late for work and gain an additional advantage during your reading life. Even if your name is mentioned in the projects, this will give you an additional advantage in terms of career. If you work in this type of job, your earnings per hour will be around $ 15.65.

Tutor: As your knowledge is fresh and warm at the time of your reading, giving private lessons to students is among the things you can do easily. You can teach a student on different subjects, or you can teach multiple students on the same subject. It will also be an advantageous choice since you are the boss and you will determine the working hours. Your average earnings will be $ 15.00 to $ 20.00, although the number varies according to the place and the number you teach.

Server/Bartender: It is always the most preferred waitress by students. It will be the right choice for immigrant students, as it is likely to find a job as a waitress or bartender as part-time and students are generally preferred for such positions.

Although the salaries are not high in such jobs, they will be enough to satisfy you because there is also a tip. Generally, bartenders or waiters earn an hourly average of $ 11.00, if tips are added to this job, it can even be earned around $ 75.00 and $ 200.00 overnight, depending on the place.

Barista:  As you can imagine, one of the most popular professions of recent times is the barista. Immigrant students can also work in this position easily, as it is possible to work with 1 or 2 tricks without the need to know too much. If working hours are suitable, your average hourly earnings will be $ 12.

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Uber driver: If you have a driver’s license and say I work at night, the uber driver may be a complete choice. You can also work at night when your classes start in the afternoon, especially at night. Apart from that, you can earn approximately $ 15.00 to $ 27.50 per hour as an uber driver during the daytime lessons.

Freelancer: See your expertise and competencies as a student; She can work as a freelance writer, web designer, graphic designer, or take any other freelance job she’s talented in along with her work. Some freelance jobs offer a great compensation and you can earn between $ 25-30 an hour.

Baby sitter: If you love babies or children, if you have an appearance that can reassure families, as an immigrant student, you can easily care for babies or children. You can also study your lessons in the time leftover from the child. It is possible to earn 12-15 dollars an hour with your various tasks such as taking children from school, taking them to courses or parks, and just looking at home.

Dog Walker: Do you like animals? If your answer to this question is yes, here is a very fun and easy profession. Dog owners who cannot find time in their busy pace of work need someone to take out and walk their dogs 1 or 2 times a day and meet their main needs.

It is very easy for students as this is a job that does not require much time, and they can earn $ 20 an hour just by walking the dogs. If you are lucky and strong, you can also walk multiple dogs and earn more money.

Translator:  Language is a skill. If you are confident in using language, you can be an easy translator. You can work independently, as a member or affiliate, and earn $ 22-25 per hour.

Salesperson: If you think you are good in human relations, if you are friendly and you care about your external appearance, selling is a job you can easily do. In this way, you can improve your existing skills. Fees vary greatly depending on where you work, for example, you can earn $ 12-13 an hour or $ 45-50 an hour.

If any of these jobs can be done for you, or if they suit your interests, you can easily choose Canada Part-time ones from the postings on our site and apply.

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