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Air Canada Jobs

Air Canada is the Montreal-based Canadian airline that was established under the Trans-Canada Air Lines Act of April 10, 1937. One of the founders of the Star Alliance alliance, the company was founded in 1937 under the name Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCAL). The company, which became the national airline company of the country in 1964, took the name Air Canada, which is still used today, on January 1, 1965. All shares issued by Canada National Railway Co. has.
The company, which regularly hires personnel, always needs different levels of personnel. The company provides necessary training to its personnel. However, some of the vocational trainings are expected to have already been completed.

Air Canada Job Application

Working at Air Canada


Each Air Canada pilot is part of the company’s proud history of commercial aviation. The men and women piloting innovative new aircraft like the Boeing 777 are part of a tradition that goes back to first gleaming silver Lockheed 10A Electra. For more than 70 years, Air Canada pilots have been connecting Canada and the world.

Whether a Captain, a First Officer or Relief Pilot, an Air Canada pilot’s number one priority is to conduct each flight safely, with due consideration to passenger comfort and on-time performance. While the typical work month consists of approximately 80 hours of flying, pilots spend many additional hours on such ground duties as preparing flight plans, readying the aircraft for departure, and completing post-flight reports. A day’s work may vary from a long-range international flight to a sequence of shorter domestic flights. Reserve duty, in which the pilot is “on call”, may also be assigned. Air Canada pilots operate out of one of four crew bases: Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg or Vancouver. Base preferences are awarded by seniority, so pilots must be willing to relocate as assigned. Pilots typically begin their career as a First Officer on domestic aircraft or as a Relief Pilot on long-range, international flights.

Job Requirements

  • 2000 hours of fixed wing flying time
  • Completion of schooling to the university entrance level
  • Ability to pass the Air Canada and Transport Canada medical and visual acuity requirements for a
  • Category 1 medical certificate
  • Canadian Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), current Group 1 (Multi-engine) Instrument Rating
  • Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status

Pilot applications far exceed job vacancies, so preference is given to candidates with qualifications beyond the basic requirements. Examples of desirable additional qualifications include, but are not limited to:

  • Graduates of a three or four year diploma/degree program from a college or university
  • Aviation College degree or diploma
  • Commercial or military flight experience
  • Jet and/or glass cockpit experience

Key Success Factors

  • Safety – Air Canada’s pilots put safety first. The safe operation of all flights is paramount.
  • Teamwork – An Air Canada pilot’s job requires constant interaction with all areas of the operation. From the co-pilot to the ramp attendants, communication and interpersonal skills are a daily part of the job.
  • Open to change – A pilot’s work requires flexibility and adaptability. Air Canada pilots are expected to conduct themselves professionally under all circumstances.

Cabin Service and Cleaning Attendant

Whether providing an aircraft cabin with equipment and cabin servicing supplies or cleaning the interior of an aircraft, Cabin Service and Cleaning Attendants play an important role in ensuring that aircraft are ready for a secure and on-time departure.

Job Description:

  • Equipping the aircraft cabin for flight according to specifications with equipment and cabin servicing supplies.
  • Cleaning interior of aircraft.
  • Stocking the vehicles used in the grooming function.
  • Stocking and cleaning of the cabin “make-up” rooms and area.
  • Stocking and maintaining cabin services kit and other associated duties.


  • Team player.
  • Previous janitorial experience a definite asset.
  • Available for shift work – early mornings, evenings, midnights, weekends and holidays.
  • Able to lift heavy objects.
  • Capacity to work within strict timelines in order to maintain on-time departures while ensuring Safety First at all times.

Conditions of Employment:

  • Eligible candidates must be eligible to work in Canada, possessing a valid driver’s license and be available to attend full time training (attendance is mandatory).
  • Candidates must also pass security clearance and obtain the Transport Canada security card (MOT). (To obtain this security clearance candidates must undergo a thorough criminal background search, please see Transport Canada website for additional details).



  • Team player
  • Previous janitorial experience a definite asset
  • Available for shift work – early mornings, evenings, midnights, weekends and holidays.
  • Able to lift heavy objects.
  • Eligible candidates must be eligible to work in Canada and possessing a valid driver’s license.
  • Candidates must also pass security clearance and obtain the Transport Canada security card (MOT). (To obtain this security clearance candidates must undergo a thorough criminal background search, please see Transport Canada website for additional details).

Warehouse Attendant

This role deals directly with the public, other airlines, agencies and Company employees by providing Cargo warehouse services in a manner prescribed by the Company. Air Canada encourages internal progression, therefore opportunities may arise for the position to act as a Lead Warehouse Attendant if required

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Accept / deliver Cargo & Mail whilst verifying piece count. Ensure that associated paperwork is correct and the shipment is correctly marked and labelled.
  • Build-up and breakdown pallets, Containers and Bulk Carts
  • Load and unload trucks
  • Store Cargo & Mail in appropriate warehouse locations, reporting as required
  • Received and answer enquiries from the public, other airlines, agencies and Company employees
  • Physically handle Cargo & Mail manually or by machine, e.g. forklift
  • Drive Company vehicles when required
  • Deliver transhipments to other airlines when required
  • Accept and process Hazardous / Restricted material shipments in accordance with Company and Government Agency regulations
  • Perform weekly Bond & Rack checks to assist with the location of any missing Cargo / Mail
  • Ensure that damaged Cargo / Mail is reported correctly as per Company procedures
  • Liaise directly with Leads, Coordinators and Managers regarding daily operational concerns
  • Maintain BAA Airside ID pass as required
  • Ensure compliance with ACU online training


  • Previous Cargo Warehouse experience an advantage
  • Good verbal and written skills, with a high level of accuracy
  • Must have an ability to use tact, good judgement and initiative
  • Ability to work under pressure, plan workload and work to deadlines with minimal supervision
  • Must be a team player and represent Air Canada in a professional manner
  • Wear Company uniform as prescribed and conform to Company grooming standard
  • Required to wear PPE in designated high-risk areas
  • Shift work with emphasis on flexibility to fit operational requirements
  • Full valid UK driving licence
  • Additional Assets

Addtional Assets

  • Current Forklift licence
  • DfT Security trained

Air Canada Application Form/PDF

You can check whether there is printable application form available for Air Canada and you can download it if there is one. You can either submit the application form in person or you can send it via email.

Air Canada Benefits:

  • Paid Holidays / Vacation. 
  • Paid Sick Leave.
  • Life Insurance/Disability.
  • Company Pension Plan.
  • Flight Discounts / Free Flights.
  • Education/Training/Tuition/Certification Reimbursement.
  • Stock Purchase Plan.

Is there a minimum age requirement to apply?

The minimum age requirement for all jobs at Air Canada is 18.

How do I search and apply for open positions?

Air Canada list all current job openings on their Career site, where you can search and apply.

How much do Air Canada employees make?
Average Air Canada hourly pay ranges from approximately $11.23 per hour for Telephonist to $31.11 per hour for Equipment Operator. The average Air Canada salary ranges from approximately $25,000 per year for Agent to $94,478 per year for Senior Revenue Manager.

How much do Air Canada flight attendants earn?
Average Air Canada Flight Attendant yearly pay in Canada is approximately $41,947, which is 13% above the national average.

Is Air Canada a good company to work for?
Air Canada was an excellent place to work. The friendly work culture is one of the most important part to relieve stress. Lots of great benefits, great coworkers and people in the company. Great company culture.

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